Abhishek Sinha pens tribute to women; his colleagues film and deliver it


There’s this young writer-poet-communicator named Abhishek Sinha,  whose friends and colleagues had a great idea for Women’s Day. Sure, they’d give out roses to the women in the office, as they did every year, but this time round, they wanted something really special. Something that would help them express their admiration for and celebration of the beauty, strength, patience and power of womanhood.

Image-for-Abhishek-Sinha-Women's-DaySo when his colleagues and pals approached him with the beatiful, stirring brief, Abhishek was delighted. This was something right up his heart. But then, they told him: you have as much time as your local train takes from Santacruz station to Lower Parel, to write the poem! Problem was, their shoot had been brought forward!

Never one to back down, Abhishek leant into it, and when it rains… you know. He completed the poem, gave it the once over, and delivered the final version to the waiting crew.

And a beautiful poem was filmed and an emotional eulogy delivered by everyone at the office to the ladies there on Women’s Day. And after she’d watched the film, one of our colleagues, Vrinda Walavalkar, who’s joined the agency just a short time back, said with wide-eyed admiration, “What a lovely poem, and you guys delivered it so well! You know, after watching this, I don’t need the rose!”

Take a bow, Abhishek.

Watch the video first, and then let’s speak with young Abhishek.

The video first:

And now, let’s catch up with Abhishek Sinha.

What do you do for a living, Abhishek?

To live, I write. And for a living, I  am working at Adfactors PR in Mumbai.

You are obviously an excellent writer, with a beautiful, strong balance of expression and thoughts. Since when have you been writing?

I have always been an observer and I started putting my thoughts into words while pursuing my Under-Graduate program, and that was in 2013. The first poem I wrote was about friends.


What have been your strongest ‘writing’ / literary influences as you grew up? From your earliest ‘creative stirrings’ to high school to college and now?

I was never into writing from such an early age. All I remember about my early influencers are the memories of  my grand parents and parents reciting to me stories from their lives. The beauty of such stories and of the overall craft of storytelling is that they remain with you somewhere in your sub-conscious mind. And now, when I write, I take cues from these small things in life.

I was always into music. I listen to Bollywood music from all the eras. And lyricists and poets such as Gulzar Sahab, Javed Akhtar, Shailendra, Hasrat Jaipuri, Irshad Kamil, Prasoon Joshi, Dushyant Kumar, Majrooh Sultaanpuri and Rahat Indori among others have been an inspiration to me.

It depends from time to time whose words are resonating with your thoughts. So it’s difficult for me to take any particular name as an inspiration or influencer.

Your favourite poets or writers, and any specific lines or passages that have remained in your heart?

I do not have any favorite poets as I mentioned earlier, depending from time to time and  situation to situation, I have been inspired from so many of them. But Gulzar Sahab is one  artist who has been playing with my thoughts ever since I first read him.

For example, he has written these very simple lines:

Yaad hai ik din
Merī mez pe baithe-baithe
Maachis kī dibiya par tum ne
Ek sketch banāyā thā
Aa kar dekho
Uss paudhe par phuul aayā hai!

I mean, how can you not keep thinking about this simple yet complicated way of expressing yourself?

Right now you are working with India’s biggest PR Agency. I won’t ask you about your professional ambition, but what is your big ‘creative’ wish or desire?

I want to be Poet and a Lyricist. The creative guy within me knows that I am a poet but it will be justified only when my thoughts will start resonating with others. Only when the idea behind the lines of my poems and my lyrics will hit the cords of others and we will start connecting in that space. To be able to deliver as per others expectations and my reasoning is my desire.

And do you see this possibly becoming your full time professional pursuit?

That’s the ultimate reaching point for me as of now. There is no second thought about it. I am only starting out now, so there is a very long journey ahead of me. It will take time, I know, but I am ready for the fight.

What was the response like, to special poem today?

I’m  really grateful to my friends and colleagues for the opportunity.  The response I  received today has been overwhelming! I had never imagined that this poem would be liked and loved so much.  I will always remember this day for the appreciation that it is possible to receive for your thoughts and words.

And yes, let me wish a Happy Women’s Day to all the women out there who are making this world a better place to live in. Keep fighting, keep inspiring!

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