Award-winning news pictures from the best photo journalists across the world.


Award-winning news pictures from best photo journalists across the world.

2012 World Press Photo

Nothing gets bigger than the global recognition this award brings its photojournalist winners. The winners for the annual World Press Photo competition have been announced, and The New York Times‘ Samuel Aranda has won the coveted award.  For a truly up-close-and-panoramic perspective of photo journalists of heart-stopping moments from the thousands of news items that broke over the past year, world wide, browse this images gallery winning news photographs. A picture does indeed speak a million words!

View the entire collection of winning images from the 55th World Press Photo Contest. The winners were selected from over 100,000 images submitted to the contest. And marvel at how photo journalists can keep making split-second evaluations from a region exactly between head and heart even in the most heart-rending situations to do a difficult, often dirty job, really well.

Truly, news photographers like Samuel Aranda and the thousands of photo-journalists are the people who keep poking the conscience of the world. And, of course, the unsung news desk- and photography editors of the publications that choose to showcase the best, most telling work in photo-journalism. Thank you, photo-journalists.

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