Beware: Scam spam campaign using fake BBC Health website for Garcinia Cambogia


Beware of the fake news story about miracle slimming supplement  Garcinia Cambogia.  It is a scam news item on a fake BBC Health’  website.  It may reach you via any of your contacts on social media platforms like Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram,  Skype,  Pintrest or Tumblr.


I received a mail from a dear friend in Canada,  Ash,  through his Skype account,  which had a link to the ‘news’  story published on a fake BBC Health website.

I read the story,  and was alarmed at the completely un-BBC-like editorial approach in the headline,  body copy and indeed,  overall approach.  It seemed like a complete,  shameless plug.

THE EXPOSE: So I searched the Web,  and came across an excellent story about the scam on IT Security expert Graham Cluley‘s site,  here.  An excellent story on a very good site that I recommend you read and follow respectively,  as I’ve begun doing.

THE FAKE BBC HEALTH WEBSITE: Here’s  the story on the fake BBC Health website  that your Skype or other social media account mails to all its contacts.

Open it to see how cleverly they’ve created the site.  But the sore thumb that sticks out is,  the fake website has gone and shredded every credible neutrality element that BBC news-story headlines and bodies plus story souls are known for.  But even the blatantly promotional and partisan — and therefore completely un-BBC-like — editorial approach hasn’t been a giveaway and many unsuspecting people have been duped.  So open this fake website of you are curious but be careful.   Before you do anything there,  read Graham Cluley’s expose of the fake site,  and also the comments at the end of his story.

What’s strange is…  Shouldn’t the BBC publish an alert about this fake website, and also prosecute the perpetrators for criminal impersonation with the (proven)  intent to defraud?  That could be a surefire way to nip them.  The Beeb could also use its humongous media partners and associates to spread word about the stammers. (Hope it’s already done that and I’m just unaware of it.)

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