Brilliant #Nike film on #Equality: The ball should bounce the same for everyone


Nike keeps doing it. Outdoing itself, with the creatives of every gut-tugging, telling video film it releases. Here’s their latest, on Equality, this time. Watch the film first, right here:

And here’s the script to refresh how smoothly, tellingly it flows. That’s really tight copy.

Is this the land history promised?
This field of play.
Where the dream of fairness and mutual respect lives on.
Where you are defined by actions, not your looks and beliefs.
For too long these ideals have taken refuge inside these lines.
Equality should have no boundaries.
The bond between players should exist between people.
Opportunity should be indiscriminate.
Worth should outshine color.
 The ball should bounce the same for everyone.  
If we can be equals here, we can be equals everywhere.

So go ahead, form an opinion. Watch the film again.

Then go through the comments section underneath the video.

It’s an eye-opener.

Issues spark the most  frenzied debates, and the comments section under where Nike’s housed its Equality video on its YouTube page, has been buzzing like a ferocious bee hive!

Some viewer comments on the Nike Equality film

image-for-nike-equality-filmSo here are some views from the comments section. I haven’t identified the authors of these comments, but you can check them out beneath the video in the comments sections.

So here, in no particular order, are some handpicked comments from the fierce debate the Nike Equality film has sparked:

  • “Equality” a video paid for by overpriced clothing made by children in poor third world countries.
  • If you want equality, where the hell are the other races. Yes, that includes WHITE people.
  • Purely hypocritical. The biggest preachers of equality are generally the worst offenders of it. I’m sure Nike pays the children in their sweatshops EQUAL to what they pay LeBron and Kevin Durant.
  • Name one black dominate country where you would have better living conditions and could work your way up from nothing to everything, we’re waiting. You’ve been on that Democratic plantation for too long there bud. Time to wake up. You’re not a victim and you’re in the one country in the world that’s the most accepting of black people. You think Asian countries or south american countries are head over heels for welcoming blacks? Yeah didn’t think so.
  • image-for-nike-equality-filmPurely hypocritical. The biggest preachers of equality are generally the worst offenders of it. I’m sure Nike pays the children in their sweatshops EQUAL to what they pay LeBron and Kevin Durant.
  • This propaganda has very high production value. well done
  • Eh. I’ll stick with The Birth of a Nation, Triumph of the Will, and Battleship Potemkin. All masterful propaganda films that revolutionized cinematic techniques.
  • I’m so tired of this Shit!! there is no inequalities, ‘Whites’ are no longer “privileged” its all in your guys heads, you complain about a specific race and stereotype the shit out of them, but whine when one person of that race decides to talk back to you. Now yes, it would be a stereotype to say all ‘Black’ people are like this, because there are some who don’t have these misogynistic and bigoted ideas in there head that “we aren’t equal” , “whites are privileged”. But guess what?? WE ARE EQUAL, AND YOU NEED TO STFU IF YOU DONT AGREE.
  • WOW, this ad totally makes me want to buy Nike™ shoes. Clearly Nike™ isn’t pandering, and really cares about issues that concern me as a millennial.
    • (reply #1 to the above comment):  This comment was obviously written by Nike
    • (reply #2 to the same comment):  I wonder if this is sarcasm
  • Is there any equality for them Chinese sweat shop workers you pay 5$ to make Jordan’s and charge us 225$ gtfoh Nike
    • (reply #1 to the above comment):  That’s a ridiculous and outdated falsehood. Corporations can operate for any lawful purpose they choose. That choice just happens to lie with the share-holders and most people are too short-sighted to care about anything other than quick cash.
    • (reply #2 to the same comment):  and racist. only black and whites and supposed muslims are in this ad due to the hot topics in America today. Its all a scheme to make more money which you already understand. However, it is definitely racist to say to care about one races equality while singling out everyother race at the benefit of another considering the circumstances.
  • First-World Black African American Rich Celebrity Millionaires and Billionaires are talking to us about equality like if its an actual problem here in the states LMAO To Hell with this race baiting propaganda.
    • (reply #1 to the above comment):  Yeah it’s pretty messed up when living in government housing your neighbors kids get government assistance for being aboriginal when your kids get no help despite being ‘browner’ just because they are half Asian half white.
    • (reply #2 to the same comment):  It’s all about perspective. The whiny little black minority gets to collect that welfare and bitch about everything white people do because they are priviledged, while middle eastern men, women, and children are persuaded into suicide bombing, or living in the worst kind of poverty imaginable. Blacks have the highest crime rate while being the minority in a very giving nation. Fuck off with this fake “equality” bullshit, only pertained to black people when it’s so obvious out of all the minorities to exist on this planet, blacks receive the most care/respect

The Nike athletes on what Equality means to them

So, after that fierce debate about equality and whether or not it really was what inspired Nike to make the film, here’s another film, a Behind The Scenes from the Equality film shoot, in which Nike asked the athletes what equality means to them.

Interesting. Watch:

What’s your view? Did you like Nike’s Equality film? Do you agree with some of the viewer comments I’ve reproduced? Do share yours too.

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