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You should get the family together to watch the World Television Premiere of A Flying Jatt on Saturday, 22nd October at 8 pm, on popular Hindi movies channel Zee CinemaIf you’re a movie buff and particularly like superhero tales, then cancel any other plans you might have for the night of Saturday, 22nd October,  from 8 pm onwards. A superhero movie featuring a superhero unlike any other superhero seen in Hindi movies, is coming your way.

He has dole-shole, but needs his feisty mother to literally prod him with more than just a gentle nudge of her elbow for his ‘jigra’ (guts) to surface and ‘fly high’ like the superhero that he is. But when this good, strong, clean hearted positive young Jatt sees his beloved Amritsar city threatened by the evil designs of a vicious industrialist, something transforms him into a superhero – one who can fly! Only thing is, this simple minded, handsome, lithe  young toughie who becomes a superhero by accident, is also afraid of heights!

But with true chakk de determination, the Flying Jatt steels himself to smash the villainous plans to smithereens through an exciting, clean  highly entertaining fantasy masala story that you enjoy without one wince of embarrassment with the kids and the rest of your entire family. Not only is it a fun good-over-evil tale, it’s also a common young lad battling humungous odds, mercifully through accidentally acquired superhero powers.

For the first time, our superhero-by-accident is really just like any other youngster-next-door, so there’s a PLU (people like us) quotient. His landings are sometimes, well, the crashed sort. Despite being a superhero, he’s terrified of dogs. He could well pass for one of the millions of young lads who eyeball their bathroom mirrors while acting out movie or sports hero sequences of their own heroic acts in the theatres of their minds.  And what adds to it all in this film is the beauty of the casting: Tiger Shroff, the toughest young superstar of Bollywood today who can also bring a heartwarmingly disarming vulnerability to office,  plays the lead in A Flying Jatt. And the casting clincher? Because young Tiger is the son of the extremely popular, straight-spoken, much loved and self effacing film star Jackie Shroff, he is, ergo, a laadla of Hindi movie lovers.

OK, let’s just look at the main cast and characters: Tiger Shroff is Aman Dhillon and the Flying Jatt; Jacqueline Fernandez is Kirti, Aman’s love interest; Nathan Jones is death-trap mutant supervillain Raka; Kay Kay Menon is villainous industrialist Malhotra; Amrita Singh is Mrs Dhillon, mother of Aman the Flying Jatt and his brother Rohit (played by Gaurav Pandey). Oh, wait, there’s also a cameo appearance, as herself, by Shraddha Kapoor!

Malhotra, whose poison-wastes-spewing factory is polluting the atmosphere, wants to build a bridge across an area that is thwarted by a large tree. Which happens to be on the land of Mrs Dhillon, mother of our hero and his brother, who refuses to let the tree be cut down. So Malhotra sends in baddie Raka, who is challenged by a nervous but angry Aman. A fierce fight, an accident, and Aman gets superpowers. That he is reluctant to use.

No more spoilers from me here. This is a Balaji Motion Pictures film, and with Balaji, plotlines are replete with fastpaced action and drama, and that, especially the kind that will appeal to younger audiences, is what The Flying Jatt has.  So you could do worse, much worse, on the coming weekend if you missed watching this movie. So remember to set a reminder on your Google calendar, you should get the family together to watch the World Television Premiere of A Flying Jatt on Saturday, 22nd October at 8 pm, on the popular Hindi movies channel, Zee Cinema.

Six reasons to watch The Flying Jatt

  1. India’s first flying Superhero: He is also a brilliant dancer and executes jaw-dropping (and breaking) martial arts moves. Not only does he fight for his Amritsar, he also sears the dance floor. Choreographed by none other than Director Remo DSouza. Tiger Shroff is perhaps the most believable casting of a superhero in Indian movies.
  2. Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones

    The meanest, toughest baddie in Indian superhero films: For once, an Indian superhero film has a truly tough villain playing the action baddie lead.  This is Raka — the henchman of Kay Kay-played villainous industrialist Malhotra — played by Nathan Jones, who has played deadly tough characters in several movies.  This Australian actor, strongman, powerlifting champion and former professional wrestler held the WWA World Heavyweight Championship once in World Wrestling All-Stars, and had had aligned himself with The Undertaker in World Wrestling Entertainment. Jones has featured in several action films. These include Police Story 4: First Strike (1996) as Hitman; Doom Runners (1997) as Vike; Troy (2004) as Boagrius; Tom-Yum-Goong (2005) as T.K.; Fearless (2006) as Hercules O’Brien; The Condemned (2007) as Petr Raudsep; Somtum (2008) as Barney Emerald; Asterix at the Olympic Games (2008) as Humungus; Conan the Barbarian (2011) as Akhun; Charlie’s Farm (2014) as Charlie Wilson; Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) as Rictus Erectus; Bhooloham (2015; Tamil) as Steven George; Never Back Down: No Surrender (2016) as Caesar Braga.

  3. A superhero with a strong PLU (People Like Us) quotient. He wasn’t born with his powers, he became a superhero by accident. And as he fights the villains in the external world, he also fights his own fear – truly an ordinary man rising to become a superhero. And a green superhero, no less! He hates pollution, loves nature and champions the environment. A superhero with super messages and inspiration.
  4. The superhero’s feisty mom. She’s constantly prodding and even scolding the reticent hero to not only remind him of his duties, but to use his superpowers. Played very believably by Amrita Singh; another brilliant casting.
  5. Not just the most believable, also the youngest superhero in Hindi movies. Let’s face it, Tiger Shroff is not only much tougher looking that the superhero leads of Ra.One (SRK) and Krrish (Hrithik Roshan), at 26 years, he is also the youngest Indian star to have been cast as a superhero. And in just his third film. Kids, especially, should love that stat.

Did I say five reasons to watch The Flying Jatt? Make that six, and the sixth is the laughter in the film, especially in the first act, after which the drama and the action take over as well they should.

Now, A Flying Jatt is a film that youngsters, particularly, will like. And going by personal experience, that’s the kind of film that everyone in the family watching it together, will like too.

So go ahead, set up your calendar alarm. Watch Tiger Shroff as Bollywood cinema’s first flying superhero, fighting to save his beloved city of Amritsar with the World Television Premiere of  A Flying Jatt on 22nd October, 2016 at 8PM. Only on Zee Cinema.

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