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TataSKY has launched its music service, Music+, offering four segments – Mehfil, Indie Rootz, Jazz & more and International – co-curated by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, at Rs 3 per day, in association with HungamaAt a time when FM Radio has near-universally gone Hindi and either glorious Hindi retro or the often-eminently-forgettable-new-Bollywood ‘music’ (yes, they call it that) and only a handful of stations playing out international music with RadioOne thankfully being one of those available in Mumbai, music lovers with evolved tastes in genres of music beyond the glorious retro and the new Bollywood ‘music’ had limited options when it came to enjoying the pleasure of being ‘surprised’ by a playlist other than their own, which they knew, to use a very Indian expression, ‘by heart’.

01-tatasky-music-plus-pavanrchawladotcomThe pleasure of enjoying music on the Radio, or a TV channel, is always led by the element of surprise. Now, thanks to Tata SKY’s smart move to make the best of an existing opportunity in the space, music lovers have Music+, a music service launched by DTH Platform Tata Sky in partnership with digital entertainment company Hungama. 

This very interesting offering of music from four segments like Mehfil, Indie Rootz, Jazz & More and International, will provide subscribers exclusive access to music content ranging from classics to latest launches and will include music videos, concerts and artist interviews across genres ranging from international pop, country, rock and Indie music to jazz and blues, Sufi, folk, nazms and ghazals. So Music+ will give you International plus the sweet-soft-earthy Ghazal, Nazm, Folk and Sufi music.

TATASKY-MUSIC-PLUS-FEATURED-IMAGE-PAVANRCHAWLAdotCOMTata Sky Music+ subscribers will also be able to watch on-ground music events and festivals in the country. And wait, there’s more. The service will be co-curated by the singer-songwriter-composer trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

So essentially a one-stop destination from Sufi to Indie, from Rock to Jazz and other International music for an evolved music lover who also enjoys watching live concerts and artist interviews, Music+, with 4 channels dedicated to 4 broad genres, seems like a good place to hang out for the evolved music lover.

Music+ is channel 817 on Tata SKY

04-tatasky-music-plus-pavanrchawladotcomThe  Tata Sky Music+ will be available on Channel no. 817; free for the first five days, and will subsequently be priced at Rs. 3 per day. It can be viewed only on Television screens right now, and not on Tata SKY’s mobile app TV-Everywhere. For homes with multi-TV Tata SKY connections of up to 4 STBs per subscriber ID in a home, the subscription will remain the same, ie Rs 99 per month.

What Music+ will offer is a steady stream of pre-selected tracks/events, all curated by Shankar-Ehsan-Loy. The Tata SKY help line executive couldn’t say what the size of the total library is, but that the tracks on all four channels within Music+ would keep getting refreshed. How often that will happen, he was not able to say. But then, it’s only just been launched. 

Content Features of Music+

1-tatasky-music-plus-pavanrchawladotcomWeekdays will have hit songs and new releases, artist interviews and recorded live concerts.

The Mehfil  section will play songs from the genres of Sufi, Ghazal and Qawwaali.

The International section will play Rock, Pop, Retro and Dance hits of international artists.

The Jazz & More section will play Jazz, Soul, Blues, Country and Soul Music, and the Indie Rootz  section will play contemporary pop, rock and folk music of Indian artists.
Siddharth Roy

Saying it is for “the discerning audience who have an evolved taste in genres like Ghazal, Sufi, Jaaz & Blues, International, Indies etcetra,” Siddhartha Roy, CEO,, said, “The Music+ experience promises to be unique with a variety of content and a line-up of great artists like Pankaj Udhas, Jagjit Singh, Elvis, Abba, Miles Davis, Eric Clapton, Salim-Suleiman, Armaan Malik and many more.”
Pallavi Puri

Pallavi Puri, Chief Commercial Officer, Tata Sky said, “While there are a lot of popular music channels on television today, we felt there is a need for a destination that showcases unique genres like Sufi, Qawwali, Folk, Jazz, Country & more. Now, with the launch of Music+, Tata Sky subscribers get access to the best of these genres, on their TV screens, any time of the day. And with content specially curated by the musical legends Shankar-Ehsan-Loy, the offering on Music+ is guaranteed to be qualitatively superior.”

If you’re subscribed to Music+, do share your feedback. I will share a review in a week’s time too.

Stay connected, and enjoy your music! 

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