Hanuman Chalisa English Translation with Roman Text


Hanumanji_by_pavan_r_chawla  Here’s an English translation
and pronunciation guide to the holy Hanuman Chalisa. With the text not just in
Devnagri (Hindi) but also in Roman for those who can't read Hindi, but want to
chant this great Hindu Prayer and understand the significance of this Holy
Prayer to Lord Hanumanji, supreme devotee of Lord Shree Ram. From that glorious
epic, Shri Ramcharitra Manas (The Holy Ramayan) by Goswami Tulsidas. (Scroll 
to the bottom to read the picture-file right away).


DHANIE  Dhanie and her brother yohan when she was four 

This translation is also a
heartfelt thank you to the great, wonderful, benevolent  Lord
who is affectionate towards and fiercely protective of those who venerate and
love Him! When she was just 4 months old, our little daughter Dhanie was in
desperate need of medical attention and it wasn’t just the brilliance of
Doctors K S Goleria and Dr Nagpal of Jaslok that saved her, but, we believe,
the divine intervention of Lord Hanumanji, that gave us back our darling
daughter Dhanie (pictured here left; and with brother Yohan when she was 

I also pray to the gracious Lord
Hanumanji  to keep the soul of my father, the late Mr. J R Chawla, a
devout Hanuman-bhakt,  with Him in eternal peace. It was on my
dad’s guidance that I found the love of and devotion for Lord Hanumanji. I also
pray that He keep the soul of my late father-in-law, Mr. Manohar Lal of
Dehradun, my late mother-in-law Mrs. Sumitra Devi, and my late brother-in-law
Mr. Ashok Kumar of Beauty Dry Cleaners of Dehradun, in eternal peace with Him.

BharatCROPPED And last but not the least, this
site is a heartfelt thank you to the gracious Lord Haunuman ji, who protected
my dear friend Bharatkumar Raut  (MP Rajya Sabha and Editor of  Maharashtra

Bharat is a big brother,
teacher, guru and guide rolled into one,  and much more. Everything I know
about the best practices of journalism and life are from a lot of friends and
associates, which is a strong, long list that Bharat leads.  

Bharat had to undergo a critical
and potentially dangerous brain surgery for the removal of a large tumour. Lord
Hanumanji protected Bharat, gave his darling wife and my bhabhi Neena,
and their son Om, the courage and fortitude to surge in stoic support of
the most important human being in their lives.

Bharat took it all on the chin,
with his customary dismissiveness of Big Trouble, confident he would emerge
from it being the person that he is. He told the doctor, "My head is in
your hands", and even branded his constant jokes about the impending
surgery to excise the lump as "my new sense of tumour!" And much

But the bulwark of his
triumph has been his strong, humble belief: "God will
protect me, because I have never done anybody any wrong." That, knowing
Bharat, is an understatement. 

I pray to Lord Hanumanji
to bless him, Neena bhabhi and Om with a long life and
much, much happiness.

Today, Bharat is a Member of
Parliament, and represents the Shiv Sena in the Rajya Sabha. While it is the
Shiv Sena that has put him in Parliament, I am sure the party too will benefit
a great deal from Bharat’s immense maturity, knowledge, wisdom and sensitivity.
I’m sure these were the qualities and values Balasaheb too recognized, when (I
understand) he gave Bharat the excellent mandate: “I want you to be a
Parliamentarian, and not a Politician.” Truly wise words, and an excellent
vision, that – it’s just the kind of thing that top leaders of all political
parties need to not just expound, but follow in all honesty, in letter and

Simplistically wistful thinking,
isn’t it, considering that’s never been the ‘practical’ approach of
politicians. But for Hanumanji, nothing’s impossible. And no better person than
Bharat to live up to Balasaheb Thackeray’s  sound advice. Especially now
that the party hasn’t fared well in the recent elections, it needs all the soul
searching and positive profiling. Bharat can help achieve a lot on both crucial
grounds. And I hope that, for the good of everyone, Lord Hanumanji, Whose
colour too happens to be saffron,  blesses the Shiv Sena and indeed all
political parties, with the wisdom to keep general good over political gain.

The Hanuman Chalisa itself says
that the easiest way for attaining a peaceful state of mind is to devoutly read
the Hanuman Chalisa 100 times in succession. But that's a very difficult and
daunting task, especially because of the immense demands it places —
particularly on your concentration and time. May the great Lord Hanuman give
you the will and wisdom to do so at the earliest.

I did that once, with remarkable
results, when my Dhanie had lapsed into a coma after a 16-hour surgery when she
was only 18 months old. The doctors had tried everything, but she just wouldn't
recognize Anju and me as we desperately tried to get her to react to us. All we
got was a blank, gazed look. Till, finally, defeated and distraught, I began to
chant the Hanuman Chalisa. My wife and I sat in our room at Jaslok Hospital,
and didn't move till we had chanted the Hanuman Chalisa 100 times. The minute
we had finished, we rushed to her cot in the Paediatric ICU. A minute after,
her eyes lit up, and she smiled and yelled out the most beautiful sound in the
world: "Papa!"

So, if you cannot read the
Hanuman Chalisa a hundred times — and I pray you don't ever have to chant it
in the kind of desperate situation we were in — just reading the
Hanuman Chalisa once a day will help a lot.

From my wife Anju and me, this
is a humble attempt to spread the Word of Hanuman Lalaa,  the
noble, benevolent God who is fiercely protective of those who love Him. For
everyone, and particularly for those who cannot read Hindi. I have transcribed
the Hindi sounds in Roman English, along with a translation into English, so
that not only can they read this great prayer originally written by Goswami
Tulsidas, but also understand its meaning.

So, here is the holy Hanuman
Chalisa, as a picture file below to get around the problems of putting up Hindi
fonts and the tedium of users having to install them first. Let the picture
load, then read, understand, revel.

God Bless!


SMALLERHanuman Chalisa translation by Pavan R Chawla

And here's the Hanuman Chalisa in Hindi, in case you need
to keep a copy:




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  1. Hello Mr Chawla,

    I am inspired to recite the Hanuman Chalisa for 11 times and I am eager to learn your experiences of Sri Hanumanji. Can women recite the chalisa of Hanumanji?

    • Dear Ms Jayanti, Thanks so much for writing in. Of course women can recite the Chalisa of Hanumanji. The only thing that every knowledgeable person who reveres Hanumanji has told me is, since Hanumanji is an avowed — and the truest and staunchest — Brahmachari, women who visit His temple should not touch his statue or picture. Actually, it is said that NOBODY except the panditji who serves Him at His temple should even touch Hanumanji’s statue or picture, as most mortals who lead worldly lives, do not practice Brahmacharya. I believe and respect this view, and follow this advice. However, it is really heartwarming to see queues of Hanuman ji’s devotees patiently await their turn to bow their heads, reverentially touch Him to get the kesar on their fingers and devoutly apply it to their foreheads. I am sure that Hanuman ji is not angered at being touched by non-brahmacharis who are unaware that only the purest of brahmacharis may touch Him.

      Yes, do recite the Hanuman Chalisa. It is a truly amazing way to connect with His love and mercy.

      God Bless you!

      Please share your own experiences too. If you have a longish story, I would actually like to put it up separately as an individual post on this site. Please also visit http://www.prayersofindia.com, my new site. It begins with a revised version of my translation of the Hanuman Chalisa, and I hope you will like it. Thanks.

  2. Dear Mr Chawla,

    Thank you so much for the kind reply. I read the experience you & your wife had of Sri Hanumanji’s blessing of complete healing of your lovely daughter. I am very much inspired to recite the Hanuman Chalisa after reading your blog. I am very happy to note that your respected father was a great devotee of Sri Hanumanji.

    I have always loved visiting Hanumanji temples since I was a little girl. I don’t have any experiences as such but somehow I feel drawn to Him. I like praying to Him but sometimes I fall short of faith & fall off the bandwagon, only to find myself searching the net for the miracles or experiences of devotees of Sri Hanumanji!! But this time I am planning on completing my 11 times chanting of Sri Hanuman Chalisa one day at a time. I hope Sri Hanumanji listens to my prayers & I get to experience His grace in my life too. I know my faith is not solid and my bhakti is based on filmsy materialistic wants & needs but this is the only way for one to cultivate belief in the Lord.

    With Deep Regards,

    • Dear Jayanti ji,

      Thanks for the kind words; they are very precious for my family and me.

      All I can say about your affection and reverence for Hanuman ji is: don’t push yourself to definitely recite the Hanuman Chalisa 11 times a day. Even one heartfelt recitation is wonderful. Once you remember the Chalisa, you may find yourself reciting it mentally too, even as you are waiting for something, or have some minute free to yourself.

      He is benign, loving, and deeply protective — I know this is a matter of faith, and I have experienced and am convinced of it.

      And yes, I don;t know of anyone whose bhakti stemmed from anything but materialistic wants and needs, so you have millions for company — myself included.

      As we grow in our rememberance of Him, it becomes more sub-conscious, needing no vocalised iteration. The chanting, the thoghts — all mental — are a strong and loving connect.

      God bless!

      With warm regards,


      ps: Do visit http://www.prayersofindia.com too, and leave a comment or an experience there. Thanks again 🙂

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