Tata Hexa hits the sweet spot!


The Tata Hexa is a great tech-beefed AWD- and super drive modes-powered leveler of potholed roads. It is a truly stylish and handsome luxury-features-packed hunk that’s finally given Tata Motors the power and promise to sail right into car lovers’ hearts and level the competition.

First things first. Stop. Read. Remember this, then proceed: If you’re planning to buy a new MUV or even a high-end Indian sedan, don’t freeze on any of the ones currently available in either category. Not until you’ve you checked out the powerful, stylish, beautifully built Hexa from Tata first, coz you might – will, most probably – rue the miss otherwise.

This great tech-beefed AWD- and super drive modes-powered leveler of potholed roads is a truly stylish and handsome luxury-features-packed hunk that’s finally given Tata Motors the power and promise to level the competition and sail right into car lovers’ hearts. This, Tata Motors’ second impact design beauty after the successful Tiago, is a warning that the XUVs and Innovas can ignore only at their own peril. It beats both on an overall balance of critical features like power, looks and design, interiors, comfort and entertainment, and most important, the safety and technology. The Hexa, which glides over potholed  roads and is welded to rocky terrain, is on course to eyeball every other car option in its class. Provided it is priced right.

How I’ve gone about this review, is a lot like how one would approach a new, unknown  vehicle for a test drive. You first look at it, walk around, check out the exteriors, and then, depending upon what you’ve seen, happily or with foreboding, enter the car. Then, it’s a good long look around, feeling the cabin, its build and fittings, the look, feel, substance. Then you start the car and your test drive, come back and decide whether you liked it or not, and if you meet a friend who asks you about it, your first sentence often is your overall take on the car – that is, if you’ve arrived at a strong view by then. Well, that’s exactly how I approached this review. Hope you like it. Do check out the Hexa, even if you aren’t planning to buy a car yet. It’s such a good beast, it just might wean you away from your current car.  Go on, give it a shot. 

As you probably know, it’s the latest offering from Tata Motors, which the company first showcased as a concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2015, and later unveiled as a production version at the Delhi Auto Expo 2016. It will be officially launched across dealerships in the first week of November, and deliveries begin Jan 2017. And no, they’re tightlipped yet about the prices.

Before you want to happily get inside and check out a new car model, its exterior look and design have to appeal to you.

The Tata Hexa entices

The aristocratically stylish, clear lines created by the Tata Hexa IMPACT design team stand out, holding all pillars and the entire powerful car in a glorious, contemporary, subtle wave of unison

I happened to see the Arizona Blue 6 Speed manual  XM from side-on first, an afternoon  before the test drives that Tata Motors hosted for 60 influential bloggers from five cities through Indiblogger, and what stood out immediately was what I think is the best feature of the IMPACT Design: the way in which the designers, led by Richard Winsor, have achieved a beautifully balanced perspective by keeping both, the big and the micro picture,  in equally sharp focus — much like Orson Welles did through the cinematography for film lovers in Citizen Kane.

Step back, and the aristocratically stylish, clear lines created by the Tata Hexa IMPACT design team stand out, holding all pillars and the entire powerful car in a glorious, contemporary, subtle wave of unison.



The tyres have a smaller rubber aspect ratio and not only add sleekness to the beauty of the powerful diamond-cut alloys, but have been kept so for greater, steady comfort. The tyres were a long time in the making – it took over a year for the MRF and Tata Motors’ IMPACT design teams to finalize the prototype and start production

When you can get your eyes off the clear wraparound chrome lines, you notice the 19-inch brilliantly finished diamond-cut alloy wheels in a solid wheel arch cladding.  What also stands out is that the tyres have a smaller rubber aspect ratio and not only add sleekness to the beauty of the powerful diamond-cut alloys, but have been kept so for greater, steady comfort. These provide a better grip but not the undesirable added bounce and sway to the suspension that larger tyres do. But take care to ensure proper tyre pressure at all times for longer tyre life, optimal mileage through optimal engine running and of course, the best ride comfort.

The tyres were a long time in the making. It took over a year for the MRF and Tata Motors’ IMPACT design teams to finalize the prototype and start production. With what one’s seen and experienced of the Hexa, MRF will need to push the lines to keep up with the demand. If the Hexa is priced right.

But the personality of a vehicle — the place it speaks to you from, is its face – the front.  So let’s walk around to the front of the Hexa now.

And the first thing that strikes you is the excellent balance of muscle and looks, chunky sleekness. No overt roughhouse glare here, but something that defines the personality of the Hexa is its its smoked projector headlamps and that chrome bullhorn that give it an assertive front fascia.


The gleaming Tata logo in the a black hexagons grille is perfectly sized and sinuous, (and rather deeply enmeshed in the body grill to perhaps make it a little more difficult for physical-logo thieves to pry loose).


The dual-coloured bumper with Tata Signature Grille accentuated with chrome humanity line, the striking icecube-style DRLs and the stylized fog lamps they are meshed with, give the Hexa arresting appeal – a  handsome blend of gleaming looks, style, design, and attitude.  That Arizona Blue manual 6-gear-plus-reverse car sure has some swagger!


Definitely one good looking vehicle you want to get into and explore at length.

Not overtly aggressive, not chocolatey looks. Nothing screams out from the Tata Hexa. Instead, it is subtle, sinuous, contemporary and unique, with a great balance of handsome and solid that bespeaks strong personality and reassuring power.

Not overtly aggressive, not chocolatey looks. Nothing screams out from the Hexa. Instead, it is subtle, sinuous, contemporary and unique, with a great balance of handsome and solid that bespeaks strong personality and reassuring power. The way everything about the beautiful and solid design of the Hexa comes stylishly, strongly, unmistakably, but never in the chin-in-your-face-fashion,  makes it, to me, the best looking MUV by far when compared to the Mahindra XUV and the Innova (unfortunately too boxy bordering ugly in the front with the new Crysta)

But we aren’t done with the external walk-around yet. You walk around and are taken up by that strong and stylish silhouette, with the dynamic floating roof and wraparound chrome feature line with Hexa embossing. It’s like an SUV masquerading as an MUV.

Step around towards the rear of the Hexa, and the good looks continue, as horizontal wraparound tail lamps (mercifully not vertical, as was in the Aria) connected by a refined chrome applique apparently a first-in-India patented flexible LED technology connected by a refined chrome applique


Shift your gaze a little lower, and you see the dual-toned rear bumper with chrome step plates and a twin exhaust that gives it a lovely balanced look that’s both, chunky and sleek at the same time. The real styling is as impactful as the front.


Having got the brief from Nitin, the Chief Engineer of  Tata Motors Pune, I took another walk around, just to refresh the joy of taking in the Tata Hexa looks and design once again. Here it is, for you too, in another animated GIF I made for this review:


Yes, this definitely is one vehicle I want to get into. And I do so.

The Tata Hexa interiors

It’s rich, all-black luxury all around. Just one hyphenated word for it: Premium-sporty. No. Prefix a ‘very’ to that. Best in class interiors by far

What greets you is a beautiful, luxurious interior filled with rich, soft-touch materials, great grains, textures and finishes, a lovely rich, textured grey, grainy, knitted fabric with stylish give stretching across the ceiling, and excellent upholstery, side panels, storage paces all around. It’s rich, all-black luxury all around. Just one hyphenated word for it: Premium-sporty. No. Prefix a ‘very’ to that. Best in class interiors by far.



The seats are sculpted, with accentuated bolsters and contrast stitched premium Benecke-Kaliko upholstery. The driver seat is 8-way adjustable for comfortable driving position using horizontal, vertical, angular recline and Lumbar controls.

Other great comfort features include Automatic Climate Control With Dual Hvac, which automatically maintains cabin temperature with personalised air flow and speed control through AC vents in each row;  a Flexi Seat Configuration, which makes the 2nd row available with Captain’s or Bench seat.

The cooled glove box

The second and third rows are available with multiple folding configurations releasing a maximum 671 L space; Automatic headlamps that switch on automatically on sensing exterior conditions; Intelligent Rain Sensing Automatic Wipers with 7 speed modes for varying rain intensity; Power Adjustable Outer Rear View Mirrors (ORVM) with demister – electrically adjustable and foldable; Cruise control available at touch of a button; Retractable sunblinds for 2nd row windows, and Smart USB charger which senses the device plugged for fast charging. And a cooled glove box.


8 Mood Lighting configurations: There’s a beautiful addition of style to the luxury —  a choice of eight colours for in-cabin lighting with illumination control and customization. One couldn’t experience them in the daytime test drives, but check them out in the animated GIF below:


Tata Hexa Technology

The Hexa also boasts of excellent infotainment and passenger convenience technology.

There’s a solid 10-JBL-speaker Harman infotainment system that’s got a well placed touchscreen with voice- and smartphone recognition with the ConnectNext app suite.

Smartphone integration with the ConnectNext app suite

There are 10 acoustically tuned JBL speakers placed for exquisite balance and clarity, with 4 door speakers, 4 tweeters and a centre speaker up ahead in the centre of the dashboard  providing exquisite clarity and balance, and a power amplifier-powered sub-woofer right at the back in the middle for resonant and powerful bass with great depth and presence. Even if the 5-inch display size does a minor disrespect to an MUV of this class and of such luxurious interiors, this audio system is better by far than any others in class. I say that not only as an audiophile but also someone who has professionally worked with broadcast sound and audio for years. Just brilliant.


The useful, even critical info part of the infotainment system is handled by its 3D navigation app that Hexa calls  NaviMaps, which offers offline maps and screen mirroring for smartphones.

The 3D navigation app NaviMaps offers offline maps and screen mirroring for smartphones

If you’re driving along areas that don’t have FM Radio reception, or just want to enjoy your own playlist of music, the Harman infotainment system also has a first-in-segment Juke-Car app which enables users, through a mobile hotspot, to make a common song playlist. So overall, using Harman’s unique technology, the system ensures high fidelity audio reproduction and harmonic richness, for a theatre like experience. The Connectnext infotainment system also comes with multiple intelligent features for enhanced convenience such as playback via FM/AM,USB, iPod, Aux, voice recognition, Bluetooth telephony & audio streaming, navigation, on-screen SMS display, SMS readout and rear view camera display.

The Juke-Car app which enables users make a common song playlist

You can personalize the Media, Radio, Audio and Mood lighting settings directly from the Tata Smart Remote app which works through your smartphone.

The smart remote app works through your smartphone

And to help keep the driver abreast of all critical information, there’s the advanced driver information system (DIS) – a twin pod instrument cluster with 3.5” TFT screen and multi-colored GUI.

The twin pod DIS

Tata Hexa drive experience

tata-hexa-varicor-400-engine-pavanrchawladotcomAvailable in two gearbox configurations – a new 6- speed automatic gearbox and a 6-speed manual transmission – the Tata Hexa is powered by a 2.2L Tata Varicor 400 engine that delivers 400 nm of torque and 156PS@4000. Then there’s also one XE  variant powered by a 2.2L Tata Varicor 320 engine delivering 320 nm of torque and 150PS@4000. I tested the 2.2L Varicor 400 manual and automatic variants, in that order.

On a 160-odd-km long test drive to a half-way point in the manual and the same distance back in the automatic, one experienced the comfortable drive quality and the power, stability and stamina of the solid 2.2 L Tata Varicor 400 engine that delivers more torque than the 2.7 Litre engine the Innova has. Which, incidentally, also doesn’t offer AWD.

Yours truly at the wheel, with Tata Motors Chief Engineer Nitin beside me

I started with the Hexa MT variant.

The gear shifts take some getting used to, as with not only a car you haven’t driven earlier, but also a brand new, only-recently-off-the-assembly line vehicle.

The reverse, for safety, is really far to the right of the sixth gear, and once you know exactly how much to nudge it, the gear shifts fall smoothly into place. I’ve read some reviews where the drivers complained the manual shifts were stiff or tough, but IMHO that really happens when a driver tries to do the pushing of the gear shift beyond the gentle nudge that would automatically take it to the next slot it is smoothly programmed to approach. The manual’s  gear shift was really smooth and handled like my much smaller Swift – smooth and precise. In fact, a lovers of driving who revel in the world of manual shifts will find the gear shifts like an extension of their mind. I did.

tata-hexa-4-super-drive-modes-pavanrchawladotcomThe AWD Hexa MT variant is the first car in its segment to boast of four different Super Drive Modes that allow the driver to seamlessly switch between the four different driving modes – Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough Road, for enhanced ride comfort amd stability over different terrains.

The Super Drive Modes system is a great combination of the vehicles Engine performance, new-gen Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Torque on Demand (TOD), Instrument Cluster displays and the vehicles ambient lighting, that can be activated through a well-placed rotary knob, on the console. This system allows the driver to seamlessly switch between the four different driving Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough Road, for enhanced ride comfort and stability over different terrains.

The super drive modes system is easy to use, with the advanced technology continuously monitoring the vehicle across different terrains. It provides instant feedback and timely  alerts to the driver, with enhanced traction, better vehicle composure and handling, thus enabling smooth, effortless and seamless driving conditions – from heavy traffic to wide open roads.

Auto Mode – In Auto Mode, the new Hexa’s performance is optimized to adapt itself automatically to all surface conditions. Kicking-in the vehicles control systems based on the road condition the system provides for a confident and reassuring drive, regardless of the surface or the kind of driver. With a focus on stability and traction at all times, the new Hexa in Auto Mode is also well balanced in terms of power and safety. In this mode, maneuverability is maintained even in extreme situations with improved utilization of the friction potential between the tires and road.

Comfort Mode – In comfort mode, the engine power output of the new Tata Hexa, provides for a comfortable drive. In this mode, t engine of the Tata Hexa will deliver precise power, allowing constant cruising speeds on the highway and improving control without loss of ride comfort, for long journeys.

Dynamic Mode – In Dynamic mode, the HEXA achieves maximum power and acceleration, performing well during extreme handling maneuvers, on curvy roads, or while drifting. In Dynamic Mode the Hexa’s ESP kicks in later, or at just about the right time, to  ensure safety.

Rough Road Mode – The new HEXA in the Rough Road mode allows the driver to explore challenging off-road driving conditions or move over other unyielding obstacles. Braking performance is also tuned to support rough road surfaces, in comparison to other drive modes, causing wheel lock up a controlled manner. Driving the new Tata Hexa in this mode, not only optimizes ride stability, but also enhances the vehicles dynamic performance, further delivering more progressive control in slippery and tough conditions.

Across all four modes, the Hexa switched literally at the drop of a switch or rather roll of the dial, with colour schemes on in the DUI twin-pod panel too changing to reflect the mood of the Super Drive Mode in play.

The clutch on the manual could have been a lot more progressive, and the braking too was slightly wooden, but never hazardous or untimely. But then, in all fairness, I guess the brake and clutch pedals and settings are like real living things that connect, over time, with the instinct of a driver, so for a drive to physically compensate for ‘lacking’ clutch responsiveness and getting the perfect balance of brake pedal press:brake application strength, both, through the left foot,  is something that definitely demands practice and adjustment over a little bit of time.

The manual took the corners well too, and responded quickly to torque surges demanded by a floored pedal in an overtaking emergency. Of course you know you definitely shouldn’t assume you’re in a hatchback, but the Varicor 400’s power makes you forget that; I did too, often, but without any lag from the engine. It was just a celebration of raw power.

tata-hexa-at-transmission-pavanrchawladotcomIf the manual was a smooth and pleasant drive, the automatic was even better. Its new-gen 6-speed automatic transmission too has received selectable modes: Sports and Auto sensing Race Car Performance, with a manual shift option too.

Think of the most congested snarls of tailgating traffic. In such conditions, just start the vehicle and take your foot off the brake pedal – it has a lovely, slow, steady creep mode at, I think it was 8 kmph. No pedaling like a cyclist between the pedals in a manual; just creep slowly, smoothly along.

The driver gets a high vantage point from his seat in both variants, and the automatic shifts are smoother than the manual, with a faster response time too.

The Auto mode sees the car purring smoothly along. The sound insulation and therefore the ride quality is excellent  in the beautifully appointed, luxurious cabin – which, alas, lacks a convenient, logical ‘parking’ place for your smartphone somewhere beside the driver’s captain seat is one big miss, particularly seeing how beautifully integrated the smartphone is in the entire connectnext infotainment system. Oh, and while one’s at it, some other things that could have been better: althought the Hexa has three 12V sockets (one in the boot) there are only two USB ports for charging your smartphones; could have had more. Also, there’s no push button start, and no sun roof too. Also, no GPS inbuilt to track the car. Remember what happened with the Audi parked overnight at a service station in Mumbai that an Audi  driver decided to take his family on an unofficial and private  whirlwind midnight drive across the Mumbai Pune expressway, till its startled owner saw his dear car racing along well after midnight on his smartphone? Hmmm. But you know what? I still wouldn’t not buy the Hexa because of these little misses, because this beautiful, handsome beast still beats the rest in its class.

The sports mode gives you much speedier downshifts. You can also shift gears manually by pushing above the sports position, using the gear lever. The Hexa AT is also equipped with first-in-segment race-car mapping that provides a revving experience similar to performance cars. It is this this hidden Racer Car Mode, which it offers at its sole discretion, as it were, and not on the flip of some switch, only to drivers who display the ability to drive and control the car through aggressive but controlled use of the accelerator and brake pedals plus over 12.5-degree turns in the sports mode. You know the Racer Car Mode has come into play when the engine suddenly adopts a menacing growl because it opens itself up to you with much higher RPM, the revs hurtling into the red zone. I drove a good 70 kilometres zipping, cornering effortlessly aross most of it in racer car mode. My co-driver and new-found but now dear friend Atul Sharma (beautiful soul @SocialMaharaj on Twitter and a brilliant blogger at www.socialmaharaj.com) shot this video which, for good effect, he sped up on a timelapse 🙂 I’ll add that in a bit too.

I haven’t mentioned, have I, that the Hexa, especially the AT — which flew like a cheetah on the smoothest and even potholed roads alike, and was a surefooted mountain goat on loose and difficult terrain as we experienced in the off-road test, challenging inclines and slopes with equal ease, taking in sharp overtaking corners easily at high speed and with great road grip and demonstration of safety —  weighs as much as the average wild white rhinoceros, tipping the scales at 2300 kilos! The’s the power of the 6-speed manual and AT Tata 2.2L Varicor 400 engine that punches out 400Nm of torque.

Tata Hexa off-road Hexa experience

After the  truly impressive and eminently satisfying AT test drive, we were in for an even more impressive demonstration of what the powerful Hexa beast can truly do. This was the off-road experience through its Rough Road mode.

This was put to the test in the off-road driving experience that was provided on a specially prepared track.

There were demonstrations of driving in the Hill Ascent and Descent Control modes, where the car not displayed excellent traction and intelligent control on loose tracks with the occasional grass, and solidly drove across a 23-degree-sloping track while demonstrating the solid build quality of the vehicle. Driver Abel, a Himalayan Car Rally winner several times over, braked on the slope, then opened door, raised it and let it drop back perfectly into the groove and locked it again. “It wouldn’t have closed so smoothly if there were even a slight warp or bend, even a temporary one, when the car was on the slope. There was no twisting of the car chassis here, as you can see, so that tells you about the build quality of the Hexa.” Indeed.

Then there was the deep potholes traction test that demonstrated the raw power, grip and strength of the beautifully engineered beast that the Hexa is. Some eight deep slippery-with-water potholes were dug in the dirt road, and Abel took the MT Hexa, all grit and snarl, into and out of the potholes, mostly on traction of just two wheels. Yes, the potholes were strategically dug by the Tata engineering team, but the Hexa acquitted itself remarkably well.

Check the video here:

Next was the straight, strong climb on a dirt track that climbed over sixty sharp degrees. The Hexa, using its power and intelligence, climbed along on the loose gravel without losing any grip or skidding, safely to the top in one smooth lunge. And then, Abel demonstrated the Hill Descent Control, a very useful safety feature of the Hexa, which allows the driver, literally at the press of a button – the HDC button on the dash – to take both his feet of the pedals, and just steer the car as the intelligent HDC system judges the slope, senses the surface throught he traction of each tyre, and applies the brakes on the tyres that have the maximum traction to prevent skids from tyers without or with low traction, and creep crawls down the slope at a minimum speed of  8 kmph to bring you down safely to terra-level-firma and your heartbeats down to normal.

This was followed by a smooth ‘sail’ across a dirt-water pond 350 mm deep and around 18 feet wide, to a demonstration of truly aggressive speeding and instant braking on both, the auto and the rough road modes while we hung on to the grab handles for dear life. That power-packed off-roading test was an adrenalin pumping experience!  Oh, and there  was more – elephant tracks, or footprints, pits the size of elephant foot tracks, dug randomly across a stretch, each challenging a different tyre at a different point in the progression of the trip to really put the Hexa suspension through a vice test. It came out smiling. Easy peasy.

The ride comfort is exquisite. The ergonomically designed and cushioned seats, the variable rate dampers, the larger 19-inch wheels and the  Double Wishbone type suspension with Coil Springs in the front, and the Coil spring type 5 link rigid axle suspension at the rear, make for a great ride quality that’s easily the best in class.

Tata Hexa Safety Features

Add to all this the comprehensive safety suite features: Six  front, side and curtain airbags; Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) with roll-over mitigation to monitor driving stability and traction; ABS with Electronic Brake-force Distribution to optimize braking distance and to ensure vehicle stability, and  Hill Hold Control (HHC) which automatically activates to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards on up-hill drives. Switch on the Hill Descent Control (HDC) for controlled descent on inclined surfaces, and there’s a Traction Control System that acts to prevent excessive wheel slip, plus a Reverse Parking and guiding system with rear-view camera and ultrasonic sensors with display on the infotainment screen, and you have have an intelligent, protective powerhouse that’s constantly looking out for you even as it flies you across every terrain in cocoon-like safety.


No simulated crash test figures yet: We don’t know what simulated crash test safety standards the Hexa matches, because it isn’t mandatory to disclose that, and the Hexa team is following everyone else’s example by revealing only what is mandatory.

But the build quality, the weight, the comprehensive safety suites and the sheer power and capabilities of the engine, all streamlined by interactive engineering should definitely assure the driver and occupants of a Hexa things won’t come to a crash until God or alcohol wills it. I wish though, that with such a powerful and stable machine, Tata Motors would bite the bullet and take the first stab at doing the right thing – declaring the crash safety standard mark the Hexa lives up to. I believe the Hexa would prove it affords a very high degree of safety.

Would I buy the Hexa? My answer to that is an emphatic yes. I’d go for the auto instead of the manual gearbox version any day. Over the Innova and the Mahindra SUV 500? Any day! And that comes from a huge Innova fan who knows the vehicle inside out. But who acknowledges the Hexa’s superiority.

Tata Hexa comes in 5 colours

There are 5 very international colours the Tata Hexa will be availble in: Blue, Sky Grey, Platinum Silver, Tungsten Silver and Pearl White. Check them out here:


So that’s the Hexa. The bigger story here isn’t that the Tata Hexa is an eye-popping car, or even that a brilliant vehicle of this class, quality and substance has come from the same Tata Motors which has had quite a few forgettable launches in the past. But happily, Tata Motors has left forgettable launches behind with the help of two excellent vehicles —  first the breath-of-fresh-air Tiago, and now this distinctly awesome mix of head, heart and beautiful body, the Hexa. And Tata Motors seems firmly on course to disdainfully slap the gauntlet across Toyota and Mahindra with both these stunning cars. And if the rumours of a real heavyweight SUV rumouredly code-named the Q501– supposedly a joint design-and-development venture with the Land Rover guys, in the wings — waiting to crash into the fortunes of the Fortuner are true, Tata Motors’ wide and well rounded attack on Toyota in India will be well and truly launched.

So if you’re looking for an MUV with the heart of an SUV that you and your wife, daughter and son too can drive with ease, safety, comfort and pride, go bring the Hexa home. Of course, that will take time. Bookings open tomorrow, the 1st of November 2016, and deliveries are slated to begin early January 2017

So if you’re looking for an MUV with the heart of an SUV that you and your wife, daughter and son too can drive with ease, safety, comfort and pride, go bring the Hexa home. Of course, that will take time. Bookings open tomorrow, the 1st of November 2016, and deliveries are slated to begin early January 2017. But you can find out more on the Tata Motors website. One also hears that the Rock On 2 team will use the Tata Hexa in shoots and for travel, which is a great marketing fit, because it’s a rocking vehicle. Also, that Vivek Srivatsa, the CMO of Tata Motors Passenger Cars vertical, plans to hire a good 200-odd sales people to push the Tata Hexa across all its dealerships countrywide.

One doesn’t have the launch footprint of Tata Motors dealerships yet, but it is expected to open in all the major metros and every state capital and UT at the very least. Good luck to Vivek and to Tata Motors Digital Marketing head Ashish. Both the gents cannot complain about the Hexa on any crucial aspect. It really is a beautiful vehicle all dressed up and totally ready and raring to go. Now Vivek, Ashish and team have to take it places.

After the Tiago, the Tata Hexa. Notch another one for the beautiful blend of Tata Motors’ IMPACT design and engineering

Two more thoughts about the marketing: Years ago, I had gone to check out the Tata Sumo. It was the kind of bigger,tougher vehicle that had me wanting to try and push the budget and envelope from my decision to buy a Maruti Swift, and I was ready to make the extra effort. But when I asked the Tata Motors dealership at New Link Road Andheri West about the maximum loan tenure, I was startled to learn that a maximum of only 3 years was available. I took that as the banks’ comment on the healthy life span of a Tata Sumo – it may have been an illogical thing, but I decided to go with the Swift which every bank was willing to finance for 5 years without any problem. I think a lot of people tend to add that yardstick to the overall standards they guage a car with, and even if people looking to buy a great MUV might not be too constrained for funds, it would help the cause of the Hexa to have the confidence of bankers who, today, are happily financian e Ciaz for 7 years too. Just a thought. The first.

The second thought is in the subhead that follows:

Tata Hexa – finally another great Made In India vehicle

Finally, here’s a great car made in India, that wouldn’t need to use emotional blackmail with Indians to prefer it over the MNC brands like Toyota, Honda, Renault and Nissan
Finally, here’s a great car made in India, that wouldn’t need to use emotional blackmail with Indians to prefer it over the MNC brands like Toyota, Honda, Renault and Nissan. The Hexa features, build, design and performance are best in class already. Now, as I’ve said it so many times already, it’s all about the price.

One only wishes Tata Motors hadn’t missed this year’s Dussehra and Dhanteras coz the Hexa would have inspired even serious buyers considering the better Indian sedans to push the envelope and steer to the Hexa instead. But what the heck – better late than never, though in this context now, ‘never’ is a word the Tiago has already ensured Tata Motors will, well, never have to use again. And the Hexa — created from first drawing to manufacture in just two short years, and tested across 80,000 kilometeres before telling the world it’s ready — has powered in at just the right time to forever dispel any fears of iffy cars rolling out from Tata Motors ever again.

After the Tiago, the Tata Hexa. Notch another one for the beautiful blend of IMPACT design and engineering.

Check out www.tatamotors.com for more on the Hexa.

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  1. This is probably one of the most detailed review of the Hexa I’ve come across till now. I liked the way you’ve described the car – exactly how a first timer would see – exteriors, interiors and then the drive. I’m certain that this will make the Innovas and XUVs a run for their money. However the only thing that all of us are waiting for is the price. Tata has been tight-lipped about it all this while.Overall I loved the post and the experience I had driving alongside you. Thanks for mention too 😉

    • Thanks so much for the detailed feedback, Atul. It was indeed a pleasure to have met you, and I’m deeply indebted to both, http://www.Indiblogger.in and http://www.tatamotors.com for organizing the #TataHexaExperience. Yes, you are right – it will all boil down to the price. If Tata can keep it somewhere between 11.5 and 17 lakhs across the variants, they have an unbeatable thing going. Actually, the features of the Hexa as so top-in-class, it should command a premium, but then it will also have to take the past bad-baggage off the Tata Motors reputation shoulders, so it’s up to the Tata Motors management to decide if there has to be a trade off to ensure people flock to it. Anyone who loves good cars would find it difficult to pass it over, whatever the price, as long as it’s in and around the same ballpark for its class. Let’s wait and watch 🙂

  2. This is a very detailed article on the pros and cons of the vehicle given in a very realistic manner. It gives a prospective buyer a deep insight of the product he may consider to buy, he gets access tona lot of product information and knowledge. A very important factor to determine whether this is the best buy does not come out because the prices and variants are not yet disclosed…they would have gone a long way in influencing the decision of whether to buy or notnto buy. Wish all other models reviews are projected in a similar manner. Great review Mr Pawan!

    • Thank you so much, dear Aseem, for your feedback. Yes indeed, the price and mileage are critical to the success of any vehicle, particularly in the Kitna-Deti-Hai-driven decisions which, logically, are very important. Thank again for the warm and detailed feedback! Much appreciated.

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