Hilarious press release says Tusshar Kapoor ‘flawed’ by Sunny’s charm and charisma

Tusshar Kapoor. Flawed? Seriously?

On reading the press release title: “Would Definitely Marry Sunny: Tusshar”, the mind first reeled in the split second it took to reject the better known ‘Sunny’s —  Gavaskar and Deol — till the  ‘Leone’ penny dropped. And then, one threw back one’s head and laughed out loud! For, the release, pushing the film Shootout At Wadala said Tusshar Kapoor is flawed by Sunny’s charm and charisma. I sincerely hope they meant ‘floored’; else, go see a doctor, Tusshar!

And while — going by the rules or the lack thereof for pushing feature films — all’s fair in  filmi PR, the headline is misleading because nowhere in the body copy does Tusshar say he would marry Sunny Leone.

And another typo — or rather the apparently inadvertant omission of a word in a sentence —  makes the following reading:  ‘When Tusshar was asked about Sunny’s performance in ‘Laila’, he said, “She has stolen my (word missing) through this performance.” Hmmm…

OK, enough already. Here’s the release in its entirety:

Would definitely marry Sunny: Tusshar

Adding to the list of fans of the bold and beautiful actress Sunny Leone, Tussharkapoor is flawed by her charm and charisma.

On the launch of the song ‘Laila’ from Shootout at Wadala, when asked if Tusshar would like his life partner to be a reflection of Sunny, he said, “Why not! She is beautiful, confident, talented and has her way with words. It is rare to find a combination of beauty with brains! But unfortunately I am not that lucky.”

When Tusshar was asked about Sunny’s performance in ‘Laila’, he said “She has stolen my through this performance.”

“I want my Mr. Perfect to be smart, funny, and most importantly be able to carry out conversations. He should be supportive in helping me strike a balance between my hectic schedule and personal life. And I am lucky that I have already found him”, says Sunny Leone when asked about the love of her life.

Sunny and Tusshar are busy with the promotions of Balaji Motion Pictures’ Shootout at Wadala, directed by Sanjay Gupta, which is releasing worldwide on May 1st, 2013.

release ends.

Here’s a very small short video of  Laila. Never mind the hilarity in the release — I’m sure everyone will want to catch this film, coming as it is from Balaji. If it has a good script — which one’s sure it will since it’s a Balaji film — then with Sanjay Gupta directing it, there will be some solid style too. Will look forward to it.

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