Kishore Kumar’s ‘handsomest’ song: Dilbar Mere


What’s your choice for Kishore Kumar’s ‘handsomest-sounding’ song? Name just one!

That born-handsome voice, that wonderful composition, great movie situation, and, I daresay, Amitabh Bachchan too at his own handsome best… wow! Remember the way he started the song, with that yodeled “Hey….!!!!!” And the way a very stylish lead on an organ and a sexy trumpet give voice to the romance in his voice, the lyrics, and that devilishly handsome Big B serenading Hema Malini.

I have another wild theory about this song. Just a guess. At one point in the song, there’s a female solo voice meandering in the interlude after the first antaraa (at 2 minutes 48 seconds). I wonder if it was Kishore himself singing in a female voice. He did have that penchant. Guess I’ll confirm with one of the musicians who played with RD and come back.

What’s your choice? Name just one song, and not a sad moping one, but a happy/romantic song.

Oh, another close second for me — from Jheel Ke Uss Paar: Kya Nazaare, Kya Sitaare, Sab Ko Hai Intezaar, Sab Hain Beqaraar, Tu Kab Sab Dekhgi. Again, R D Burman’s creation. Not a very easy song, but what a great throw with such great timbre – something only Kishore Kumar could achieve. The man had natural pep, vim, verve and panache in his voice! And the song overall was a great coming together of brilliance across composition, lyrics, filming. Remember Dharmendra at his rugged best, serenading the lovely, sightless Mumtaz? Great notes, excellent composition, brilliant instrumentation and arrangements. And that handsome voice!

The great R D Burman: Since I’m reminiscing about R D Burman, one of my most cherished memories is of the day I actually jammed with him impromptu on the bongos in his Santacruz Music room just before 1942-A Love Story was to be released. I had met him for an interview for The Independent. That interview had run across more than two-thirds of a full broadsheet page. I still remember Panchamda’s animated, awed eyes as he spoke excitedly about the of the music that was his life. He was still like a school boy, that genius with hundreds of great songs, tunes, and such an amazing body of work that seems to have been the climax and the terminus of the long, brilliant music train of Hindi films in India.

That interview, that meeting, and RD’s loving reprimand to me for not having chosen to become a musician — uh oh… here they come again… the goosebumps!

I’ll have to go back to the Times of India library and get a copy of that interview. Will try and reproduce it for music lovers here.

Meanwhile, to come back to the thing that started this post: don’t forget to tell me which Kishore Kumar song you find really handsome.

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  1. Nice one man……its interesting that I love kya nazare, kya sitare..I would say its one of his lesser known songs but it should have done better….

    My favorite with “handsomest” song would be …..tum saath ho jab apnay …..and …ye dil na hota bechara ….

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