Lang-woes: iDiva’s strange intro


Divas imply upmarket, right? Upmarket implies literate, right? Well read? Ergo, grammatical. Well, the Times of India Mumbai’s Response supplement iDiva has someone at the desk who’s got a bit mixed up. Here’s what I mean.  In its front page lead entitled ‘The Curious Case of Kiran Rao’.

The intro the the interview reads: “Shy, quiet and elusive; if you think you knew Kiran Rao — aka Mrs. Aamir Khan — you couldn’t be more wrong. Vivacious and intelligent, iDiva discovers Kiran’s talkative side.”  Huh? Self-praise here? It reads as if iDiva is describing itself as vivacious and intelligent. Even the first phrase in the intro — “Shy, quiet and elusive” is hanging in mi-air. It qualifies nothing. It assumes — rather, hopes — you will mentally add the words, “If you thought Kiran Rao was” to “Shy, quiet and elusive”, you couldn’t be more wrong. Wrong? No moral issues here. It should be “incorrect”, not “wrong”.

So that was The Case of the Curious Intro to ‘The Curious Case of Kiran Rao’ in iDiva. Curious headline too, in fact; forced and only for effect… without much justification. But a great interview, though. Loved reading it, and the very brief insights into Kiran Rao’s relationship with Aamir. Good work, Ruchika Vyas, thanks for a good interview. Wish it were longer.

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