Last shortlists released on final day of Spikes Asia 2014


Spikes Asia had received 522 entries from India

Juries have had to judge 4,984 pieces of work 

The final day of Spikes Asia has seen the remaining shortlists, Creative Effectiveness and Integrated, announced ahead of tonight’s awards where the 2014 winners will be revealed and honoured.

spikesasiaToday, Ted Royer, Jean Lin, Stefan Sagmeister and Emad Tahtouh took to the main stage with their President’s Addresses. Topics covered included how the rules of relationships can be applied to advertising; the importance of digital; achieving happiness as a designer; and understanding what is possible and what is about to be.

Throughout the Festival, the Forum has hosted speakers from a wide range of industries, who have all shared their insights on a daily theme. Today’s theme put ‘Creativity in Mobile’ under the spotlight by examining mobile technology design and how it enables multiple devices to remain connected at all times. Previous day’s themes have concentrated on ‘Creative Talent’, ‘Consumer Insight’ and ‘Creativity in Social’, with speakers including Martin Conneen of Wunderman, Bex Deere and Nir Wegrzyn from BrandOpus and Marc Landsberg from socialdeviant.

Throughout today the Young Spikes competitors are presenting their entries to the specialist juries who will decide which teams will take home a gold medal. Getty Images have been the image providers for the competitions.

Corinne Woels, Head of Sales for Getty Images South East Asia, comments that, “As humans, we tend to hold onto fixed and oversimplified ideas and visuals to describe and label people and concepts. It’s time to kill the cliché, to break with stereotypes, and embrace the world around us as it actually is – in all its variety and beauty. Imagery has become the most important method of communication in Asia and the creative leaders at Spikes Asia hold the power to re-picture and redefine how we see ourselves and the world around us.”

Spikes Asia had received 522 entries from India

Juries have had to judge 4,984 pieces of work 

The Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity, which is under way in Singapore, has received 4,984 entries for the 2014 awards – with 522 of these coming from India.

The following number of entries have been received in each category: Branded Content & Entertainment (187), Creative Effectiveness (31), Design (332), Digital (461), Direct (329), Film (397), Film Craft (258), Healthcare (173), Innovation (63), Integrated (59), Media (422), Mobile (186), Outdoor (605), PR (247), Print (379), Print & Poster Craft (306), Promo & Activation (434), Radio (115).

Ahead of the Festival, the Innovation jury, led by Emad Tahtouh, Director of Applied Technology at FINCH, had  completed a preliminary round of judging to arrive at a shortlist of entries, each of which was to be presented live to the jury at the Festival.

Emad Tatouh
Emad Tatouh

Commenting on the category, Emad said, “Asia is at the heart of technology. Its manufacturing, creative invention and innovation processes cannot be matched by any other region. It is relied upon more than any other region in the world, and is at the centre of all things tech.”

Ten entries were shortlisted, with Australia having the most Shortlisted, closely followed by Japan and the Philippines. Live judging took place on Wednesday 24 September and was open to all delegates, who would be able to witness first-hand the region’ s latest innovations and technologies.

In total, 90 jury members have been meeting meet in Singapore to judge entries from across Asia Pacific and decide which are groundbreaking enough to take home a trophy.

Alongside the awards, the four-day Festival has been filled with content, networking and learning. The event also puts particular focus on nurturing talent through the Young Spikes competitions and academies.

The Awards Ceremony, where the 2014 winners will be revealed, will bring Spikes Asia 2014 to a close, with celebrations continuing into the night at the official After Party.

Terry Savage
Terry Savage

Terry Savage, Chairman, Lions Festivals, said,  “The entries received into Spikes Asia always act as a good indication of regional industry trends and the direction it’s heading in, which is why it’s interesting to see that the categories showing the strongest growth are Digital, which has seen entries rise by 68%, and Mobile, where entries have grown by 48%. On a country level, it’s fantastic that Sri Lanka has almost doubled its entries, whilst Malaysia, Pakistan and Chinese Taipei have also seen substantial increases. It’s going to be an exciting few days as we start to see the best in APAC’s creative communications rising to the top.”

Spikes Asia has been under way from 23rd September, till today, 26 September, at Suntec, Singapore.



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