LG’s #KarSalaam salutes the spirit of our Armed Forces

LG INndia MD Kim Ki Wan hands over the cheque for Rs 1 Crore to Home Minister Rajnath Singh

There’s nothing like a patriotic initiative to warm our hearts, and I quite liked what LG did to celebrate its 20th anniversary in India. They wore the emotion on their sleeve, quite literally, as it were, because, leading with the hashtag #KarSalaam, LG dedicated the celebrations, which started just before Republic Day, to saluting the bravery and sacrifices of the Indian Armed Forces, and the LG #KarSalaam campaign invited the nation to come forth and pay its respects and gratitude to the brave soldiers of India.

I mean, to borrow from LG’s corporate philosophy and the common promise of all its brands: Life’s Good, well, our lives are good solely because of our last, resolute, infallible line of defense, our the brave and ever-ready-to-sacrifice-their-very-lives Indian Armed Forces.

And the campaign wasn’t just a good-to-be-seen-doing initiative from LG – they actually put their money where their mouth it: I came across the LG campaign across radio and digital – sure, not too expensive media, but really effective because the call to action for the target audiences was sure to be an emotional and very impulsive one. And Radio and Digital are tailor made for such campaigns. Then I also remember outdoof and mall activations – all to reach out to patriotic Indians (read everyone) and urge them to be generous with their heartfelt feelings.  So across all these activations and particularly through social media outlets, LG pushed and pulled Indians to log on to  http:www.karsalaam.in, and a total of over 2 lakh wishes were collected off- and online.

Wait, there’s more to the ‘money where LG’s mouth was’ thread, and I really liked what the company did: its India MD Kim Ki Wan handed over a cheque of Rs One Crore to Home Minister Rajnath Singh for the CRPF welfare fund.

LG India MD Kim Ki Wan hands over the cheque for Rs One Crore for the CRPF welfare fund to Home Minister Rajnath Singh

How many MNCs are there in India? And if every one of them can come forward and make such immensely meaningful contributions to help such causes and entities that are selfless and crucial to our very existence, they would not only make a direct contribution to the country that gives them the opportunities to grow their businesses, but would also encourage ministries and the society to have a very intolerant view of any shortcomings or shortfalls in the treatment of our armed forces, police forces, other critical civic support ‘forces’. And to take corrective action in a preemptive manner.

Coming back to Kim Ki Wan, he said, “LG salutes the spirit of the Indian soldiers, who courageously give up their lives to protect the country. Therefore, we took this initiative to bring together the citizens of India to express their gratitude to our soldiers. With an aim to connect with the hearts of the entire nation and to pour out messages for these brave hearts, LG goes beyond boundaries to reach out to every citizen and invite them to express their gratitude for our army , who selflessly volunteers to serve our nation all day and night.”

Nice. Very nice.

Amit Gujral who heads Corporate Marketing at LG Electronics India, said, “We salute the spirit of our soldiers. We would like to thank people for their overwhelming response. This truly shows the spirit of India towards our armed forces. Taking this forward, we would be claiming a Guiness record for maximum wishes collected offline.” No, I wouldn’t put that as one of the key objectives of this initiatives. Really. Consider it a bonus of good intentions and great work.

Rajnath Singh, Home Minister, Govt. of India, said, “We welcome LG Electronics’s gesture of showing solidarity to Indian Armed Forces; this is a very special gesture by a corporate.  Today the entire nation is proud of  its armed forces and response to this initiative in form of collecting good wishes for soldiers is an indication for the same. I would like to thank the people of India for extending  their support to the armed forces.”

I reported all those quotes in their entirety because they’re about our brave Armed forces. And in deference to LG’s imitative, here, in an Editor’s note, is the LG boilerplate: LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd was established in India in January , 1997. It is one of the most formidable brands in consumer electronics, home appliances, IT hardware and mobile communications space. After being in India for two decades, LG has earned a premium brand positioning and is the acknowledged trendsetter for the industry.

End of boilerplate.

Time for me to say, ‘Thank you, LG’.


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