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Actually, tera jawab nahin! (You are incomparable!) The Kishore Kumar – Sachin Dev Burman combination was truly amazing. But before we get into this super-special song, have you noticed that the permutation of the numbers 1 & 3 in the month just gone by — October — are poignant reminders of the demise of both these titans of HFM, or Hindi Film Music —  Kishore Kumar on the 13th, and Sachin Dev Burman on the 31st.
Duniya-O-Duniya-Featured-ImageWith Kishore Kumar’s unprecedented popularity after Aradhana, and Rajesh Khanna’s meteoric rise to superstardom, it was the turn of the other heroes of the 60-s to lip sync for his vocals. Naya Zamana (1971) (along with Tum Haseen Main Jawaan) was one of the early movies of Dharmendra for which Kishore’s voice was used. Since it was the only song filmed on Dharmendra, it needed to be impactful, and how!
The protagonist has been invited to the launch party of a book release, the manuscript of which was his, but has been plagiarised. On a request to sing in the party, he gives vent to his feelings, albeit in a veiled manner.
Anand Bakshi’s lyrics are superbly layered. Underneath the veneer of Dharmendra’s sarcasm about the world and society are hard-hitting words for Pran, who has stolen the hero’s manuscript and published it under his own name.
Tu chhaanv hai ya hai, dhoop khabar kis ko
Kya hai tera asli, roop khabar kis ko
Aaye nazar kaise, tu aansu hai khwaab nahin!
Composer Sachin Dev Burman infuses a high melodic content without too much of orchestration so that the spotlight does not waver from the lyrics. The muted strings, electric organ, vibraphone and  rhythm guitar lend a touch of urban sophistication to the song,
Also, in line with his skilful propensity to re-structure some of his older tunes to craft masterpieces, the mukhda of this song seems to be a deft rework of the title song of Kaise Kahoon (1964).
Kishore Kumar, an actor himself, has used his controlled vocals convey the hurt pride and  sarcasm beautifully. His tuneful rendition and enunciation of the lyrics make this song one of the finest he has sung for his mentor, S D Burman (who at the age of 65, seemed only to be getting better at his craft!)
Enjoy the song:

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