The idiots at Airtel


For at least 10 years now, I had been using the mobile telecom services of Vodafone (and Orange and Hutch before the rechristening). Recently, owing to bad service and more, I ported from Vodafone to Airtel, taking three post-paid numbers to it.

If Hum Mein Hai Hero is Brand Hero’s new campaign, Airtel’s should certainly be Hum Mein Hain Idiots.  And that last word would apply to a customer like me, who opted for Airtel, and also to the kind of people who staff Airte’s forms-and-documents-filling-filing-checking-approving  process till the stage of generating the welcome letter.

In a Tweet-length, here’s what happened:

The prize idiots at #Airtel have taken my full name as Pawan Lateshri Chawla. The ‘Late Shri’ was what I entered before my late dad’s name!

As I said, when I received the welcome letter, my name was spelt “Pawan Lateshri Chawla”. I called customer service at 121 –which actually tells you you will be charged for calling customer service for help! Anyways, I informed them about the spelling gaffe. Someone said we will inform the concerned people.

Soon thereafter, I received three paper bills — even though I had informed I preferred e-bills to save on paper. And lo and behold! The queue of ‘stupids’ at Airtel, I can now confirm only from my own experince, extends beyond the  welcome letter to the actual bill generator too! I received three bills with my name still “Pawan Lateshri Chawla.”

The bills from the idiots at Airtel have me as "Pawan Lateshri Chawla"

Oh, and before getting the welcome letter and bills in hard copy, I received an email welcoming me to Airtel and ‘detailing’ my moible services plan. See that pic too, below, and if you can see any details, tell me, please. I can see only blanks.

Billing details from the idiots at Airtel. In a welcome mailer to me.

Shame on Airtel for having a professional customer-‘service’ system that doesn’t train people to check what they see and listen to what they hear. If this hadn’t happened with me, I wouldn’t have believed it. Not of a company like Airtel. But then, would you have believed Vodafone could do something as stupid as send a legal notice for non-payment of bills for a number that one had actually paid for and cancelled and returned to the Vodafone store AND written an email about the same to their customer ‘service’ section to boot? While I have ported out from Vodafone, I definitely intend to sue them for this. Any advice or help would be gratefully accepted.

As I said. The idiots. At Airtel, they rule.

Do share your views and comments, please. Looking forward.

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