Who wants Poonam Pandey’s bikini? It’s “up for grabs”, says a hilarious press release! Some PR advice, this!


How is a non-star’s bikini “a piece of stardom?”

“Poonam Panday’s bikini up for grabs” … “for all those die hard fans of Poonam Pandey, here is the chance of a lifetime to grab a piece of stardom”.

What a ridiculous PR ‘idea’, this!

Starlet Poonam Pandey who threatened to shed her clothes riding on cricket fever, is now giving away the bikini she wore during the ‘steamy’ scenes in her forthcoming film. She expects some desperate idiot will huff and puff to tweet something about the film to lay his hands on the said tiny piece of attire she wore.

And — oh my sainted aunt! — the poor thing believes the bikini will be seen as “a gift of love” from her, and says she’s doing this as she “wanted to make this Valentine’s Day special for them (the fans).”

Anyway, here’s release for the cheap trick, in its entirety. If you’re planning to try and “grab” said “piece of stardom”, I wanna know.

What Film PR has been reduced to!
Sample, right here:

Release headline:
“Poonam Pandey’s bikini up for grabs, this Valentine’s Day”

Release body:
“This Valentine’s Day promises to be the best day of the year for fans of actor Poonam Pandey. The bindaas Mumbai gal, who is making her Bollywood debut with Nasha, has decided to spread the Nasha to all her fans. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, the day of love across the planet, Poonam has launched a contest through her twitter handle @ipoonampandey under the hashtag #grabNASHAbikini  The best tweet under this hashtag will be rewarded the chance of a lifetime – to possess the bikini suit worn by Poonam Pandey in her debut film Nasha. Not to forget, that most of the steamy scenes in Nasha were shot in this bikini.

Poonam Pandey said, “I love my fans very much and I wanted to make this Valentine’s Day special for them.”

“One lucky winner will have the bikini suit that I wore in the film, Nasha, as a gift of love from me,” added Poonam

So for all those die hard fans of Poonam Pandey, here is the chance of a lifetime to grab a piece of stardom.”

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