Writing with vitriol: Donald Sterling is an Idiot, but is he a Racist?


This opinion piece I read elsewhere today,  is the perfect example of what a pen dipped in vitriol spews.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like the corner this writer is in.  I too loathe anti-Semitism,  especially because it brings to mind the numbing accounts of undoubtedly the most maniacal and crazed homo-sapien (can’t call him human by any stretch of the imagination; it always snaps) Adolf Hitler.

So this piece is from jewishjournal.com and has been written by Ilana Angel.  It’s her  take on Donald Sterling, written with pep,  vim and verve.  And dripping sarcastic fury and a furious outrage.  This is how you write when you fling caution to the winds,  go completely off the middle of the road, and jettison the parachute of restraint for the kamikaze thrill of smashing your Zero into a ‘Semitist’  for  violent satisfaction.

I’m all for putting an end to any anti-Semitist thinking.  But this,  journalistic ally speaking,  is how you don’t do it;  how even the most convinced activist writer shouldn’t do it.

But see how it’s been done here.

So,  here goes:

Donald Sterling is an Idiot, but is he a Racist?

By Ilana Angel.

We live in a world that is drowning in hate and a country that is not as evolved as we think when it comes to hate based on color, religion, or politics. To say that people don’t like to talk about it would be a lie because they do like to talk about it. They just don’t want to be recorded or heard by people outside of their inner circle. Lots of people talk hate and the Internet proves many are recorded, but few are punished.

Donald Sterling is an idiot. Did he say racist things? Yes. Is he a racist? I don’t know. Is his mistress fifty years younger than him? Yes. Is he a pervert? I don’t know. Do I know people who have said racist things? Yes. Are they racist? I don’t know. Do I know people who have said anti-Semitic things? Yes. Are they anti-Semitic? I don’t know. The fact is that the taped conversation of Mr. Sterling proves one thing, he is an idiot.

I think V. Stiviano is a whore. Just my opinion of course, and to be fair I do not know her personally, but I think she is a whore for both fame and money. From her ridiculous visor, roller skating, saying she wants to run for President, and her conversation with Barbara Walters, this woman has an agenda and taking down an old man seems to have been her goal, so it would appear she did it.

Donald Sterling’s wife is suing V. Stiviano for taking advantage and manipulating her husband. I don’t know if the lawsuit was filed before or after taping of the conversation with Sterling, but there is clearly a vendetta. Did Stiviano think her lifestyle was in jeopardy so ruining Sterling’s life was an attempt to gain power? I believe there is more to this story than an old man saying his does not like black people.

Listening to Stiviano speak to Barbara Walters was funny. She was silly and inarticulate, appeared to be medicated, and was struggling to find things to say. This is not a bright girl. She is simply a pretty girl who thinks so little of herself she is able to sleep with an 80 year old man. I couldn’t do it, so bless her, but come on. Donald Sterling may or may not be a racist, but he is an idiot who got too close to his whore.

Stiviano calls herself his assistant. Not buying it. He did not get to be a billionaire by having this chick as his right hand. She is a mistress. She is also a hateful and vindictive whore who chose to bring down a giant, rather than count her losses and find a new senior citizen to get money from. She told Walters she thinks of Sterling as her father. Really? She’s not only a whore, but sleeps with a man she compares to her dad. Ugh.

She tells Walters it hurts her to see him hurting. Did it hurt when she released the tapes? She said a real journalist would not call her a whore or mistress. It doesn’t take an investigative journalist to know this woman is a whore and a mistress. A billionaire businessman is not hiring her to be his right hand. That is not happening. Perhaps she meant to say she takes care of him with her right hand?

There are some who think it is horrible for a woman to call another woman a whore. I am not one of those people. Being a whore is a job and I don’t have an issue with a woman making money for sex. I do have an issue with a woman who manipulates her power over an old man to prove her worth, and ruining his life in an attempt to maintain the life he gave her. She lacks decency.

I haven’t heard the entire recording, am not African American or a basketball fan. I am a decent human being raising her child to not judge anyone based on color, religion, or politics. What Donald Sterling said was wrong. I’m guessing however worse things have been said within the NBA. If you lose everything for saying something racist, I will know a lot of people who have nothing.
I find it heartbreaking that Alfred Wright, a young African American man in Texas who was tortured and murdered months ago, cannot rest in peace as his murderers are free because those who admire the hate are protecting the killers. If people went after the men who killed this young man in the same way the NBA went after Sterling, I would have a more faith in the future of America.

My point is there are people who hate based on color. It is a fact and believing racism is not a problem in America is naive. Donald Sterling may hate black people, but he didn’t kill anyone. He was just a hateful asshole. People are demanding justice, but there was no crime. Why are people not demanding justice for Alfred Weright who was killed because of the color of his skin?

I’m not saying Sterling is not racist and shouldn’t be punished, but people say horrible things about race and religion. I am Jewish writer, working for a Jewish website, and I receive countless letters of hate. Not based on my writing, but because I am a Jew. Hate stems from ignorance and Donald Sterling is ignorant. He must apologize and we must pray for humanity and keep the faith.
End of Ilana’s piece.

What’s your take on the writing?

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